​Bench Memorials

Black and gray granite cremation bench with no base 

​Solid granite bench memorial with harp shaped legs

​Black granite cremation bench memorial

Bench memorials are often used as the headstone which allows someone to sit and rest when they visit. They are also used as an additional memorial and placed at the foot of the burial space. Their are many styles of benches to choose from so please browse through our images to see what may fit your needs. Please contact us if you have any questions about a bench style. Images below include : cremation benches, traditional two leg benches, park benches and custom shape benches. Most benches can have a granite base added to them. This gives the bench an upgraded appearance and allows for a flower vase​ to be added.

​Grey granite park bench with no base

​Black granite park bench with a base and (2) vases

​Traditional granite straight leg bench memorial with a base and (2) vases

Small bench memorial with straight legs

​Traditional granite bench memorials

​Unique shaped bench memorials

​Solid granite baseball custom bench memorial

Custom granite teardrop bench memorial

Granite colors may vary from the examples below.

​Custom solid granite Angel bench memorial

​Classic Granite Park bench memorial with a base and (2) vases

​Grey granite cremation bench memorial

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Traditional granite benches

​Companion cremation bench memorial

​Traditional granite harped shape leg bench memorial with a base and (2) vases

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Unique granite curved bench memorial with a base and (2) vases