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sample proof of bronze tab

Bronze Scrolls and Date Tabs

Reminder : Because we are only as good as the measurements you provide we cannot guarantee an exact fit if you are out of our service area.

bronze scroll examples

Most date tabs start at $225.00 and most scrolls start at $350.00. Once we have all the measurements and all of your contact information we will provide you with a proof to review for approval. Once the proof is signed and dated then production will begin, which takes about 6 to 8 weeks. All orders must be paid in full before production begins. A sample proof is shown below.

Phone : 240-216-6145 - Jeff

Sales : 240-538-5343 - John

Fax : 240-523-6503

Email : jeff@potomacmemorials.com

​Sales : info@potomacmemorials.com

Potomac Memorials offers bronze date scrolls and date tabs to families in our area and to families all over the country. If you are located in MD, VA or DC then we can provide the full service for you. If you are outside our full service area then we can still help. If you can provide photos and measurements of your bronze memorial then we can still manufacture the bronze scroll or date tab and ship it to you. Typical installation involves installing two screws which most can do themselves. Below are images of typical bronze scrolls and date tabs. This is to help you identify what type of bronze product you need.

SAMPLE : Bronze date tab proof