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Pre-Cast Metal Flower Vases

Solid Granite Turned Vases


Potomac Memorials offers several types of flower vase units. Depending on what type of memorial you have will determine what type of vase you can use. We offer solid granite flower vases which are used on granite memorials. We also offer pre-cast metal vases which are commonly used on flat granite markers and some upright granite memorials. Bronze vases are available if you are in need of a bronze memorial with a flower vase or a stand alone bronze vase unit. Examples of each are below. Many sizes, colors and shapes are available so if you are not sure which fits your application then please contact us with your question and we will be glad to help. Keep in mind that a vase can be added to an existing memorial in the cemetery if room allows.

Stand alone bronze vase unit with 12" x 12" granite base.

 Bronze Vases

   Used for Bronze Memorials       and Stand Alone Vase Units