death date on headstone
death date on memorial
3 person headstone

Full monument engraving

​Family name in scroll panel engraved

eagle design on headstone

​Family name & double line panel engraved

Step 4.  Once the work is completed we take a photo of the work and                      send it to the customer via email or mail along with the invoice.

In cemetery headstone engraving is when lettering or designs are added to an existing headstone in the cemetery. We do

all the engraving work on site in the cemetery so the memorial does not have to be moved. The most common type of engraving we do is adding a death date on an existing memorial in the cemetery. Sometimes a family will want to add their family name to the back of the stone because they did not consider it when originally purchasing the memorial. Designs are also commonly added to a memorial because they were not thought of when originally designing the memorial. Please read below to understand how this process takes pace. 

​Date of death engraving

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Below are some examples of the different types of engraving work we have completed.

engraving of deer head

​Full monument engraving

book panel engraving
raised or relief lettering on a headstone

​In Cemetery Memorial Engraving or Inscriptions

Engraving prices are as follows:

For the first 10 characters   $225.00  (periods and commas are free)

For each additional character after the first 10    $5.00 each.

​Additional charges will be added for characters over 2 inches in height.

All design work - starts at $60.00 - final pricing will be determined by the size of the design and the detail of the design.

Foreign lettering is also priced per letter - final pricing will be determined by the size of the characters.

death date on headstone
family name on headstone

​Step 3.  We then take all the information and create a computer generated                       stencil and travel back to the cemetery and do the engraving work.

​Full monument engraving

Niche panel engraving

death date engraved on raised bible

Step 1.  A customer reaches out to us via phone or email. We then                         gather information from the customer about the engraving job.

Other terminology for headstone engraving :

Memorial engraving

Monument engraving

Memorial inscription

Headstone inscription

Cemetery lettering

Headstone lettering

Tombstone lettering

Gravestone lettering

All these terms involve the same process in the memorial industry. We tell you this so you are confident you are getting the proper service from Potomac Memorials.

​Date of death inscription

memorial engraving on tombstone

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Potomac Memorials​​​

headstone engraving stencil

​Final date engraved

in cemetery headstone engraving

​Family name and design engraved

congressional cemetery

(Raised or relief lettering)  date of death engraving

​Crypt panel engraving

​Deer design engraved

Step 2.  We then go to the cemetery to get measurements and a rubbing                 so we can duplicate the font, letter height and spacing of what is                 already on the memorial. 

rubbing of headstone

​Death date lettering engraved

Potomac Memorials makes every effort to match the existing font, letter height and spacing on your memorial. Because we specialize in this service we take great pride in our work with attention to detail.

Design engraved on columbarium

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