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With Vase

Bronze Memorials

This is a sample proof you will receive once you have completed the selection process. Changes can be made (at no charge) to the proof until you a totally satisfied. Once you are satisfied you will sign and date the proof. At this point production will begin which takes 6 to 8 weeks. After the bronze is shipped to Potomac Memorials we will then install the memorial in the cemetery.

Here are the normal steps for choosing a bronze memorial.

Bronze memorials are a flat bronze plate bolted to a granite base. Bronze memorials can be made in many different sizes and also include a flower vase if desired. Bronze memorials can be customized and personalized to your needs. Scroll down and view the process.

Click to view Individual Bronze Designs

Grey Granite

Some cemeteries have regulations so please check to see what type or size they allow. Please note that if you purchase a new memorial from Potomac Memorials this service will be provided at no cost.

Bronze granite base selections
Bronze memorial borders

Click to view Individual Bronze Designs

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​Step 3.  Choose the border you desire.

Click to view Scenic Bronze Designs

​Step 1.  Choose the type of bronze you desire.

Companion bronze designs

Without  Vase


Bronze memorial colors

​Step 4.  Choose the vase style you desire (optional)

With Vase

​Step 2.  Choose the color of the bronze.

Without  Vase

companion scenic bronze designs
Companion bronze memorials
single bronze memorial designs
Bronze memorial vases

Step 5. Choose your granite base color.

Individual bronze memorial designs


Scenic bronze memorial designs