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Companion Veteran bronze memorial
Veteran flat bronze memorial
Veteran flat granite tombstone
Veteran flat bronze tombstone

The government does not provide the granite base for the bronze. The bronze granite base must be purchased by the family. If any of these memorials are installed in a non military cemetery then the installation cost is handled by the family. Potomac Memorials stocks all of the granite bases for bronze you see on this page. We can also install any of the memorials you see in any non military cemetery within our service area.

​Below are examples of veteran memorials that have been upgraded to include vases or a companion bronze memorial. These upgrades are paid for by the families and are not provided by the U.S. Government.

24" x 12" granite marker

The United States Department of Veteran Affairs will issue a deceased Veteran a memorial at no cost to the family. Below are images and descriptions of the types of memorials that are offered to a deceased Veteran. 

​24" x 12" bronze memorial

Double veteran bronze memorial stacked
Veteran flat bronze memorial with a vase
Veteran flat bronze headstone
Single Veteran bronze memorial with vase
Companion Veteran bronze memorial with vase
Individual Veteran bronze memorial with vase
Veteran flat granite marker