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bevel cemetery headstone

Potomac Memorials LLC is licensed by the Maryland Cemetery Oversight Board.

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Custom Shaped Memorials

​Solid granite angel memorial

​example shown

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Ceramic Porcelain Portraits

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Flat Headstones or Markers

Companion grey granite flat marker

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flat cemetery tombstone
cemetery memorial bench

Below are some examples of our most popular cemetery headstones, tombstones, custom monuments, bronze memorials and cemetery flat grass headstones or markers. We also offer a large selection of cemetery flower vases, veteran headstones and cemetery memorial benches.

Pricing starts at $225.00  / Does not include tax, installation or shipping

single cemetery tombstone

Potomac Memorials LLC accepts major credit cards for your convenience. 

​May be subject to a 2% fee

​Pricing starts at $975.00 *

Pricing starts at $1,550.00 *

flat cemetery headstone

Slant Memorials

Companion slant on a base

​example shown

   Three principles Potomac Memorials stands by :

     1. Use only high quality granite, marble & bronze products.

     2. Reliable, friendly and honest customer service.

     3. Realistic headstone sales pricing on all our products.

* ​Pricing shown does not include sales tax or cemetery fees (if any)

Flat Headstones or Markers

​Individual granite flat marker

example shown

Potomac Memorials headstone license
headstone business insurance
cemetery slant headstone

​At Potomac Memorials we understand that selecting a new granite, marble or bronze memorial is not something most people do everyday. So we have created our website to be  informative and as helpful as possible without being too confusing. So to help families with all the memorial terminology we have placed brief descriptions next to our photos to help you decide what fits your needs. Our number one objective is to be helpful, so for some reason you don't see what you are looking for then please contact us and I'm sure we can help you. Below are some memorial examples to browse through but please use our menu tabs to get the full details on all our products and services. If you wish to email us directly from the website please click here.   Contact Us 

Companion Upright Monuments

​Grey granite companion monument

​example shown

Bronze Memorials

Single flat bronze with a flower vase

example shown

Pricing starts at $1,100.00 *

Bevel Memorials

Single granite  bevel marker

​example shown


      Since 2008

​Potomac Memorials is a family owned granite, marble & bronze memorial dealer located in Southern Maryland. Our service areas include Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.  Potomac Memorials understands that the little things in life are most important. The small details that go into a new memorial are what we excel at. For some choosing and designing a new memorial can be stressful. So we take extra efforts to make the process and as smooth and enjoyable as possible for you and your family. Potomac Memorials believes that a memorial is a personal statement that lasts forever, so allow us to help you make that final statement.

Single Upright Monuments

​ Single grey granite upright monument

example shown

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Double bronze starts at $3,995.00.00 *

double cemetery tombstone
ceramic porcelain portraits

Pricing starts at $2,275.00 *



custom cemetery headstone

Single bronze starts at $2,495.00 *

​Pricing starts at $1,175.00 *

Pricing starts at $795.00 *

bronze cemetery headstone


​Black granite memorial bench

​example shown

​Potomac Memorials LLC is insured with a $1 million liability policy.